It was in 1998 that my life changed. Here I was, three years out of high school, still socially awkward, shy and mostly a loner. That is, until I discovered “techno” music at a Rave through a friend. I was hooked.

The intertwining of music, intelligent lighting and lasers captivated me with its pulsating rhythms. People were free to be themselves and dance how they liked, in the funky clothes they liked, and they were mostly unique, like me. I felt accepted. I was home, finally comfortable in my own skin.

Within a year my passion for the music grew, I was learning to DJ, connecting newcomers to the scene, and dreaming about throwing parties.

However, it didn’t take long to find the “party favors” that many in the scene turned to, the drugs that enhanced the experience. It was the same acceptance I felt that enabled this kind of drug use. But I quickly scaled back to focus in on the music, the dancing, and the people. I had found my sweet spot.

But then it all changed…again.

It happened in the middle of a $25,000 party I threw with a friend, set with three headlining acts, a full stage production and relentless marketing. 1,000 people showed up and it was phenomenal, one of the greatest experiences of my life. But at the climax, the party hit rock-bottom for me. During my set, I lost a dear friend, who collapsed and died on the dance floor.

His name was Terry and he was one of my greatest supporters as a DJ. He went out of his way to promote the party. But when he showed up that night he was spooked by the security at the door. He took, I’m told, all eight ecstasy pills he had on him. It was too much for his heart to take. Terry died of an apparent overdose.

His death affected me deeply. Out of this tragedy, the vision of the Lightclub was born. It’s simple, really; offer people an alternative environment where the community and audio-visual experience would satisfy, believing that a great time is awaiting without the need to chemically alter one’s reality.

Though the vision was born over ten years ago, it was put on the back burner as the Memphis EDM scene fizzled and the community went different ways.

But now is the time.

The passion for me has been rekindled and the community is ready. You guys have communicated to me, in overwhelming numbers, the need in Memphis for an alternative scene. And trust me, we will hit all the genres you love…House, Breaks, Trap, Twerk, and Electro.

The dream is alive, people, and all it needs now is you.

Much Love- Scotty Bollinger AKA DJ Scotty B

Help keep the Lightclub Free