The Lightclub gives people a place to dance, connect, and experience beauty in a positive and safe environment.

I believe that music and dancing can be healing. I believe that people need a place to connect and that light, love, beauty, music, and other people seeking the same can cheer up even the most discouraged and lonely souls. It's my goal to provide a place to make this happen. Scotty Bollinger, Founder of the Lightclub

Why "Lightclub"?

The name Lightclub was chosen intentionally to try and distance itself from the traditional nightclub, which tends to be dark, filled with over-sexualized music, lending itself to getting chemically altered or wasted to escape life's troubles.

We at the Lightclub believe there is a better way.

We Believe

  • Everyone needs a safe and positive place to connect and have community.
  • Certain people are born to dance, and dancing can be healing and therapeutic.
  • Everyone should feel welcome and show respect at all times.
  • A drug-free environment should always be maintained during these events.
    No one at the Lightclub judges anyone on what they put in their body; we only ask that it not be brought inside the doors and that no one be visually impaired by any substances, including alcohol.

Our mission is to help people experience joy, hope, and acceptance, no matter what they're going through and to provide a place for those coming out of addiction to feel safe and have a good time.

Our Goals

We aim to be a high-energy social context that pursues a community of meaningful relationships that resemble a family and to create an environment where adults of all ages can feel welcome regardless of who they are or where they are in their journey.

Projection Mapping

The Lightclub experience also has a state-of-the-art 3D Projection Mapping installation that offers an immersive experience that brings the EDM music to life.


  • No illegal substances of any kind will be permitted at these events.
  • No one under 18 will be permitted to attend and we ask that no one under 21 consume any alcohol on the premises.
  • No open containers of alcohol allowed outside on Main Street.
  • There will be one event each month.
  • These events are free. We feel that the family environment should not have to be paid for, unless there is no choice. You can help us keep it that way.
  • Dinner will be provided FREE! Antonio spends hundreds of dollars a month on food and countless hours in the kitchen preparing. There is a tip jar. Throw him a few bucks.
  • These are private events. Due to the size of the community You have to have a ticket. Tickets are announced in 2 ways:

    1. The mailing list.
    2. Being a member of the Lightclub group on Facebook

    Once the tickets are gone we are going to ask you to come another night.

  • Feel free to invite any of your friends, assuming they are like-minded and respectful. We always want to have open arms and welcome new faces.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Scotty.

Much Love and Light!

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